Alibaba Computing Cloud Is Growing

Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba’s cloud computing business is growing fast, and will soon have a large amount of cash, which has industry insiders wondering if it will start competing with the American cloud giants. Cloud computing is a multibillion dollar business that is growing each year, and it is led by Google, Microsoft Azure, and… Read more »

  • go_2

    What Are The Most Best Selling Board Games?

    The present age may be of games like ‘Call of Duty’ or ‘Halo’ but it is always fun to play games or look back at the ones from where all it started. It was initially the board games which required pure luck, strategy or combination of both. There were a set of rules to guide… Read more »

  • naa

    Legalization of marijuana in Native American reservations

    The legalization of marijuana has always been a subject for debate for the past decades. Despite the medicinal characteristics that marijuana has for its users, United States of America still has a firm stand over the continuous ban for growing and eventually selling these stuffs. Many years have passed and the law that prohibits one… Read more »

  • gm

    James Crieg Interview: How to Avoid Injuries in The Gym

    If you are serious about building muscles or losing excess fat, the last thing you need is an injury. Of course, it is not possible to avoid injuries, every athlete knows that it happens from time to time, however, it is possible to minimize the chance of injuries by following the tips that you will… Read more »

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    5 Paintball Tips You Will Not Believe

    Learning the basics in paintball is pretty easy, but to become a really good paintball player, you have to know a few strategic tips that will be beneficial for you and your teammates to be successful. Some of the tips and tricks that you can use to become a better paintball player are listed below…. Read more »