Handyman at home for urgent, recurring and fatigue jobs

cleaning of balconies with pots and plants to be transferred (we also accompany you to the nursery to buy the land and new plants, or we go to collect your purchases to save you the hassle of transport)home repair services in Wheaton.

Mowing grass, pruning low-stemmed trees and hedges in gardens and courtyards;

Minor home repairs; our handymen know how to replace shutters and roller shutters, repair doors, windows, appliances, fix and change shutters, restore faulty electrical sockets, unclog sinks and clean siphons, repair leaks and replace gaskets;

Home maintenance work; you can call a handyman to paint the balcony railing and gates, assemble furniture, attach shelves and chandeliers, thoroughly clean an environment, fix the parquet, build custom accessories and objects;

Easter cleaning (even out of season): in just one day, one of our handymen will refurbish your apartment. All he needs is a ladder, a few rags and the detergent: he will put in the time and elbow grease;

Urgent cleaning of closed and open spaces, including large ones, apartments, offices, warehouses, cellars, attics and balconies;

Small renovations, even urgent ones: a team of handymen can freshen up an apartment in one day; our men know how to shave, putty sanding, paint (even with techniques such as sponged and shredded) but above all clean when they have finished working;

Porterage and thorough cleaning of indoor and outdoor spaces;

Small transport and removals;

Fast deliveries by bicycle (with reservation the day before);

Accompanying elderly and disabled people (with mobility difficulties or in a wheelchair) for a walk or shopping, to a medical examination or to the post office, within the Gran Raccordo;

Dogsitting, even urgent or for a whole day (for which your dog will be grateful, because he will spend it all strolling around). Our dog sitting service is active in all areas ;

Restoration of furniture and objects, repairs and creations on commission (we build outdoor tables and chairs by recycling pallets but we can build or set up almost anything);

Handyman helper for dusting wardrobes and chandeliers, changing curtains, washing or painting railings, changing a shutter, repairing an appliance, moving and fixing furniture, cleaning carpets and other “husband for rent” tasks.

Companion, bag holder and personal shopper, bodyguard, security.