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How Much Do Popular Korean Mukbang YouTubers Earn Every Month?

How Much Do Popular Korean Mukbang YouTubers Earn Every Month?

Back in the day, people would laugh at you if you say that your dream is to get paid just to eat. Well, that is now becoming a reality. As more YouTubers are earning hefty amounts of money for every video that they share where they eat lots of food that they love. In YouTube, they called “mukbangers.” Ever wondered what would be the actual Networth of high paid Youtubers? nuorder networth data gives you reliable information and updates on Networth of celebrities and successful Youtubers every now and then.

What is Mukbang?

Mukbang is the South Korean word for “eating and broadcast.” Professional YouTubers are earning thousands of dollars every month, not including sponsorships, from food and drink brands. It was in 2015 mukbang videos became such a huge thing on YouTube. And since then, there came thousands of other YouTubers who also started their eating channels.

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Highest-Paid Mukbang YouTubers

These days, you can find thousands of mukbang videos online. With millions of subscribers and millions of views on their videos, there is no doubt why they earn so much just from eating. So here are the top Korean Mukbang YouTubers who started it all:

  1. Dona (도나). Dona joined YouTube on April 5, 2018. Since then she has more than 5 million subscribers and over 10 million views on her 142 uploaded videos. One of her most-viewed videos is “Mukbang Yellow food NIK-L-NIP” that has more than 88 million views in just 10 months. And she is believed to be earning around 2.846 billion KRW or USD 2.37 million per month.
  1. Jane ASMR. The next top-earning mukbang YouTuber is Jane ASMR. To date, she has 1.4 million subscribers since she joined in 2012. Her channel has over 3.6 billion views from her 991 uploaded videos. She is earning around 796 million KRW or $662,000 every month.
  1. Hongyu ASMR (홍유). On the 3rd spot is Hongyu ASMR with 7.42 million subscribers and has uploaded 319 videos since she started on YouTube in 2018. She is earning 445 million KRW or USD 371,000 every month.
  1. [햄지]Hamzy. She joined in 2012 and now has over 5 million subscribers that have more than 1.4 billion views on her 236 uploaded videos. Hamzy earns around 261.5 million KRW or more or less USD 217,000 every month.
  1. Eat with Boki. Boki has more than 5.03 million subscribers since she joined YouTube in 2019. Her 258 videos now have over 1 billion views. She is believed to be earning an average of 215.2 million KRW or USD 179,000 every month.

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After knowing how much mukbang YouTubers earn, for sure you too are interested to give this a try. But you should take note that these ladies eat more than what other women can. But they sure know how to manage it with class.

Buy your smartphone in a smart way

Buy your smartphone in a smart way

Today it is important to have a connectivity with the world and this is possible only with the help of the internet communication. But you need to have gadgets that is going to help you in all your daily activities. The smart phones are the best companion to the people because they can bring the entire world in your finger tips. But the buyers are confused about the right smartphone that will suit their requirements. It is time to find out the best oppo a53 in the market which is making records in terms of sales figures.

Why oppo a 53?

This is having a triple camera and thus if you are a photography lover, then you will definitely love this phone. You can take endless selfish with its camera and the main camera comes with a 13 mega pixel. So this is the reason why the youngsters love oppo a53 and it is the choice of many now.

Yet another important benefits of buying this model is that it can last for many days if you are using the phone in a limited mode. Because it is having a great 5000 mAh which is a very long lasting battery performance.  You can take this phone during your long travels and it can last still.

Buying through online

Even though you are choosing the right mobile phone, it is important to buy it from the right source. The online purchase can help you to save your money and time. Because there is no need to travel to various retail stores in order to buy the smartphone. In addition you can get the entire details about the specifications and you will be interested in comparing the mobile phone with other rivals in the market within a single screen thus getting a perfect idea about the smartphone.

How audiovisual technology can boost business productivity

How audiovisual technology can boost business productivity

Many people know about video conferencing, the idea of ​​video conferencing is that you can see someone at the other end; You have all the body language and all the information that they are trying to convey to you, but that’s all. If you now think that you are in a meeting and you have flipcharts all over the room, but you also have offices in Tokyo and New York, you should get these people involved. They can fly, but it can be expensive and time consuming, or you may have audio or video conferencing, but you cannot really share the information. New audiovisual technology (AV) means that you have electronic flipcharts in your meeting room and these people in Tokyo or New York will be able to access these electronic flipcharts. They can feel and see exactly what is happening, and are just as involved as the people who are physically sitting at the table.

Technology has fallen in price and increased capacity

Now that technology has fallen in price and increased capacity, it has become more affordable for most organizations. An advanced company with a large board of directors will have a different meaning for a small organization. An audiovisual tool can still help everyone. As long as people understand the whole concept of audiovisual material, that is, the transmission of communication. A portable solution may be more suitable than a fixed solution. Thanks to technologies such as portable projectors or portable interactive whiteboards that you can carry with you as technology has become more accessible, even a single-person group that needs to communicate with someone can do it right and professionally.

audiovisual technology

When you think about how vital the space is in the buildings of the company these days, it is very important if you have conference rooms that you want them to be used productively. Waiting for the meeting room to be free when you need it will not always be practical, as well as a simple note at the door asking for space. Pieces of paper may be lost, but Techcan now compensate for this. The backup system can be integrated into existing systems, such as Microsoft Outlook, which are stored electronically.

A management system can help you manage this technology

Your home may have several multimedia technologies, each of which has its own remote control, and you are trying to reduce the volume of the TV using the remote for the CD player. In the early days, control systems were upscale and modern, but, like most technologies, developed and improved. If you are in the meeting room, you can have a projector and a screen, you can also have air conditioners and shutters, all with different remote controls, control systems eliminate all this and have a system that will do everything for you.