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Helpful tips to prepare your pool for plenty of summer fun

The hot summer months are approaching, and if you have a swimming pool, you may be considering opening it soon. But before you do, some preparations need to be made. Planning will help ensure your pool is ready for any potential issues that may arise during the season.  Check out the post right here to know the steps you may have to follow further.

Prevent Corrosion

It is important to keep a close eye on your pool’s water chemistry. Algae, especially green algae, can corrode metal and cause deterioration to your pool’s lining. Even small amounts of algae can cause major problems. A simple solution is to add chlorine tablets, chlorine generators, or pool shock to your water supply. This will help prevent algae growth and damage.

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Refill Chlorine

Seasonal chlorination is a necessity to keep the pool safe and prevent algae growth. Make sure that when you do your weekly maintenance that your filter is backwashing and chlorinating the water. Your pool’s filter needs to skim out and filter out all debris and algae before being released back into the pool. If you use a water softener, you should change the water completely every two weeks. This will ensure that your pool is safe from any algae growth or corrosion.

Drain Your Pool

Make sure that your pool is completely drained before you open it for the summer. Each time you drain the pool, make sure it is completely dry. Before the water is allowed back in again, always add chlorine and pH balancing. You may also want to add algaecides before you fill the pool. A typical opening procedure involves filling the pool for a few days, then draining it again to eliminate any debris that might have blown into it while you were filling it.

Safety Checks

It is essential to have your safety equipment in order before you open your pool. Ensure you have a properly functioning pump and filtration system that is ready to handle the volume of water in your pool. It is also important that all of your pool’s equipment is working properly. Investing in a pool safety cover and raincoats will make sure you are properly protected. You can also call IL swimming pool contractors and have them come out and inspect your pool. A professional’s eyes can quickly spot any potential safety hazards and help you correct them before they become a problem.

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Check the condition of the plaster to make sure it’s not rough and splintering.

The condition of the plaster will determine how well it holds its shape against wear and tear. Another thing you should check, as well as looking at the condition of the plaster, is that there are no areas where water can get into and damage it. If there are any gaps, then you should fill them in and make sure they are sealed properly.

Ensuring your safety and that of your family is always important. By following these steps, you will have a better chance of having a safe and fun pool season. It’s always best to check your pool before stepping foot in it for the first time in the summer. Safety is always a concern, and you must take all precautions necessary to ensure you have a fantastic summer.