Top 6 benefits of luxury vinyl flooring

The most preferred choice when it comes to flooring based on durability and variety would be luxury vinyl floors. If you wish to know the benefits it offers, read on further.

  • Lifespan: lvp flooring in prattville al has a very good life span and on average, it can stay strong for 25-30 years. This is the reason the suppliers confidently provide an extended warranty. If maintained well, you can be carefree about the lifespan of luxury vinyl flooring. The best choice, if you need a floor to be laid and stay hassle-free for years.
  • Ease of installation: Compared to other floor types, installation of luxury vinyl floors is very easy. They can even be installed on top of existing floor types like concrete or plywood without affecting the quality. Tiles can be easily stuck together without creating a mess. They come as sheets as also planks, so depending on the need they can be placed.
  • Replacements: Luxury vinyl floors are sturdy but in case of any happening due to which the tiles are damaged, they can be easily replaced. Pieces of tiles can be separately obtained and due to this reason replacing the worn-out tile is a simple process now. The rest of the tiles need not be disturbed.
  • Durable: Luxury vinyl tiles are extremely durable due to the nature of products used in the manufacture. They withstand pressure and temperature and are versatile too. They are not easily affected by moisture and so can be carried on for a long time. As mentioned above, due to the durability factor, the lifespan of vinyl tiles is more.
  • Sound protection: With the increase in thickness of the vinyl tile, it is more insulated to sound. This is the reason it is useful in places where heavy traffic is involved like the commercial areas. Compared to other types of floors like hardwood, they are quieter to walk and also can withstand the pressure on them.
  • Designs: Luxury vinyl can be made in many exquisite designs. They can be made to resemble hardwood or other types of floors that you may like.