The present age may be of games like ‘Call of Duty’ or ‘Halo’ but it is always fun to play games or look back at the ones from where all it started. It was initially the board games which required pure luck, strategy or combination of both. There were a set of rules to guide every player throughout the game. Those games were really popular and really simple in its approach. Some popular board games are now getting converted to video games for better experience. There are few games which are played for centuries, show the impact it has created amongst players.
The best-selling games are no doubt the games that are most popular in the market. Here is a list of popular board games that were huge hit and still running.

  • Chess: This game started from India way back in sixth century and till modern day is successfully running all across. The game is played with 16 pieces of keys that are of different types. The main aim is capture opponent king. Quite an interesting and common game across different platforms.
  • Checkers: Checkers has been in the market for around centuries. The game is meant for two layers and every player has to make diagonal moves. However there are several versions such as American checkers that came up with time, slightly different compared to the original game. Check out this link to play checkers online.
  • Scrabble: This game is around the market for almost eighty years. Players place single letter across a board, in all direction o form any work and accordingly score points. There is a scrabble dictionary available to avoid any debate or confusion related to existence of word. The game is still popular and has been a huge hit in market, now available in several online platforms too.
  • Backgammon: Backgammon is doing the round since 3000 B.C. The game is an ideal combination of probability and strategy with all new tactic involved. Quiet interesting one for players involved with the game. There is a piece of dice which is basically used to determine number of space any player can move. The moves should be made based on the opponents counter move, huge across the world.
  • Clue: The game is also known as Cluedo that needs lot of deductive skill to play the game. The game was invented way back in 1949, considered amongst the popular board game in the world. The player has to move across several rooms to find out the weapon and identity used to kill Mr. Black, which is popular used in international edition.
  • Monopoly: The game was introduced in the year 1934 by Parker Brothers, few finds its trace way back in the year 1903 but the game was widely popular across the globe. Monopoly game moves around the simple logic of buying as much property as possible. Rent is collected from opponents, bankrupt lead to eviction from the game.

These were some popular board games that amazed millions across the world. Even today all such games are played, however there are many more in the list such as Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary and Othello.

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