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    South Indian movies that are streaming on aha

    The Tollywood industry is the film industry of South India. It is one of the largest film-producing industries in India. The Telugu film industry has never failed to amuse its audiences with its film production. For anyone who loves movies of action and thriller, the Telugu movies are the best to watch. The film industry has a vast library of films and shows to entertain its audiences. With the emergence of the OTT platform, it has become easy to get all the Telugu movies in one place. From the super hit old blockbusters to the new releases, you can watch all the movies in one place. Aha, in best webseries online with good quality, just a click away from that, you will love to watch. The film industry has produced many south Indian movies that are now available online for its viewers to watch.

    South Indian movies are known for their stories, action, thriller, and comedy that will surely entertain you. Many movies are now streaming on aha. Some of the popular must-watch south Indian movies streaming on include GaaliSampath is the story of a father who loses his voice in an accident and unknowingly plays a spoilsport in his son’s love story, Naandhi is a story of Surya Prakash, who is wrongly implicated in a murder case and serves in prison for five years, Midnight murders is a story about the killing of police officers viciously, Super over is the story of a group of friends who does cricket betting but soon into inevitable trouble, Jallikattu is a story of a buffalo who runs from the butcher’s farm and runs in the entire village creating chaos., Forensic is a movie based on a medico advisor who uses the forensic study to solve murder and kidnapping cases. Many such engrossing and thrilling movies are streaming for movie lovers to watch. Many popular south Indian films to watch on aha include Krack, Dirty Hari, OreyBujjiga, Khaidi, Bell Bottom, Trance, Nipah Virus, Anaganaga o Athidi, and many more.

    All these super exciting and loving movies can be seen on the OTT platform, aha. It the first 100% Telegu OTT platform which gives you full entertainment. You can find different Telegu movies and shows in one place. Its extensive library includes movies, original web series, and shows across genres. It is the platform made exclusively for the Telugu audience. You can download aha on your mobile phones, tablet, Smart TV, and other streaming devices and discover and watch anywhere at any time. Aha gives you the facility to download the movies and shows and watch them at your convenience. Get into the new world of fun and entertainment with aha with your family and friends. It is the perfect way to entertain and has an enormous library of Telugu best movies for its audiences. It gives you various plans to select and opt for as per your choice and unlocks the entertainment made for you.

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    Free Movie Family Entertainers Which Has Super Comedy Fun

    Some films are the full package and also appropriate for watching with your family. So before you plan out your weekend family movie plans, you must make sure that the film you are willing to watch is family-oriented. If you do not know any such Telugu movie that is family-oriented and you want to watch movies online with your family, then you can try watching AttarintikiDaredi.

    The film AttarintikiDaredi is a Telugu comedy-drama produced by B. V. S. N. Prasad and written and directed by Trivikram Srinivas. This blockbuster film had featured popular actors like PawanKalyan as Gautham Nanda/ Siddhartha “Siddhu” and Samantha as Sashi in the leading roles. There were other supporting actors like Pranitha Subhash as Prameela, Nadhiya as Sunanda, BomanIrani as Raghunandan, Brahmanandam as Baddam Bhaskar, Rao Ramesh as Raja Shekhar, Kota Srinivasa Rao as Sithhappa Naidu, Ali as Paddu, M. S. Narayana as Balu, and Mukesh Rishi as Hari Nanda Gautham’s father.

    These are all super-hit actors, whether it is leading actors or supporting actors. Also, the music in the film has been provided by Devi Sri Prasad, and the cinematographer was Prasad Mirella. This film had been a blockbuster with the highest-grossing, which Baahubali surpassed: The Beginning. So if you want to watch comedy movies online, you should go forward with AttarintikiDaredi.

    The story starts with Raghunandan, who is a wealthy businessman in Milan but is very unhappy in his life. This depression is because he wants to reconcile with Sunanda, who had eloped with Rajasekhar and married him much against Raghunandan’s wishes. Raghunandan’s grandson Gautham promises to bring Sunanda back and enter Rajasekhar and Sunanda’s house as Siddhu. He pretends to be a driver responsible for rescuing Rajasekhar when he was suffering from a heart attack.

    There he meets Sunanda’s daughters, Prameela and Sashi. He instantly likes Prameela and starts wooing her; however, he stops once he learns that she has someone she loves. On the other hand, Sashi becomes suspicious of Gautham and his friend Paddu who comes into the house disguised as the caretaker of Rajasekhar. However, Sunanda later reveals that she already knows about the real identity of Gautham and asks him to return home and not try to reconcile her with Raghunandan.

    However, Gautham still does not want to let go and focuses his attention on helping Prameela marry the man she loves. However, when Prameela tries to take back the man she loves and the bride’s father demands compensation. Sunanda agrees to compensate by providing Sunanda’s hand of marriage to Sithappa’s elder son. Because of the situation, Gautham is fired by Rajasekhar and, to regain his entry into the household, takes Baddam Bhaskar’s help. A series of incidents occur when he enters the house. However, the entire film ends with a happy ending.

    If you wish to see a family-oriented film full of entertainment, drama, romance, and action, you can watch movieslike AttarintikiDaredi.

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    Forensic – Superb Suspense Telugu Movie So Far

    Forensic is one of the amazing thriller movies in Telugu. A suspense thriller like this definitely makes you sit on the edge of the seat. The story narration is so perfect that you will keep on guessing the movie, but it will turn out to be more unusual. The story was built with a perfect background and the viewer will love it!

    Rithika Xavier is a chief investigating officer and she will be investigating little girls serial murders. Samuel John Kattukaran is a police forensic personnel who was assigned for the same case. They both try to solve the case in a very interesting way, they have a history together, which is possibly romantic. The story takes a great leap of investigation with crazy twists and turns. The revealing plot of the climax will be an ultimate and jaw dropping moment.

    Cast and Crew:

    Actor: Tovino Thomas

    Actress: Mamta Mohandas

    Other actors: Reba Monika John, ThamannaPramod, Giju John, Anil Murali

    Director: Akhil Paul and Anas Khan

    Writer:Akhil Paul and Anas Khan

    Cinematography: Akhil George

    Music: James Bejoy

    Distributor: Century release

    Other Information:

    Runtime: 134 minutes

    Release date: 28 February 2020

    Genre: Psychological Mystery-Thriller, Investigative.


    Rithika is police investigating the serial murder case of little girls, Samuel is a forensic officer who was assigned to the same case. The investigation goes in very fast-paced thriller suspense. You will never know who is the killer till the last half an hour. The truth revealing part of the movie will pin you to the screens. Samuel uses forensics techniques to know each and every detail to solve the mystery and get hold of the criminal. Slowly when the story goes deep they will get to know many girls have been murdered and the same situation was reaped a decade ago. The End twists absolute blows to the mind of the killer is a kid who is under 4 feet. Viewers can experience many chill points while watching the movie.

    Artist’s Performance:

    • Mamtha Mohandas has played the character of a strong police woman.
    • Tovino Thomas is a great asset of charm and handsome.
    • SaijuKurup played as awesome as always.
    • RenjiPanicker has played the best supporting role.

    Technical Aspects:

    – Scriptwriting is awesome. They did not miss any details in terms of professional forensic labs.

    – Cinematography, editing and colouring has set the mood for the movie amazingly.

    – BGM of the movie is an additional asset as it gives chills and thrilling experience.

    Reasons to watch Forensic:

    There are oceans of reasons to watch the movie but some of them are an excellent storyline, which ties the audiences to the seats. Artists also killed their performances. They’re not even one point where one can feel it’s out of the box. Background score is brilliant as it sets that thrilling and dark music. Not very noticeable but humour also added value to the movie.  Viewers can watch Forensic movie online completely on Aha.

    Watch Forensic Superb Suspense Telugu Movie So Far